Christmas Markets

Lincoln Christmas Market, 6-9 Dec

Over the next few weeks – into 2019, in some cases – the towns and cities you visit for away games will have special seasonal attractions. Here’s a list of Christmas markets and similar events around the football league. If I’ve missed any, please leave a comment and I’ll update the post:

Birmingham  15 Nov-23 Dec Frankfurt Christmas Market
Blackburn  29 Nov-23 Dec Blackburn
Bournemouth  16 Nov-2 Jan Bournemouth Alpine Market
Bradford Victorian Christmas Market  17/18 Nov Bradford
Bristol  9 Nov-23 Dec Bristol
Cambridge  17 Nov-6 Jan North Pole Festival
Cardiff  15 Nov-23 Dec Cardiff

Cheltenham, 22 Nov-15 Dec

Cheltenham  22 Nov-15 Dec Cheltenham
Exeter  15 Nov-16 Dec  Exeter
Leeds  9 Nov-22 Dec Christkindelmarkt
Liverpool  16 Nov-23 Dec Liverpool
London  Clapham Common  15 Nov-23 Dec Winterville
Hyde Park  23 Nov-6 Jan Winter Wonderland
Southbank  9 Nov-6 Jan Southbank Winter
Manchester  9 Nov-23 Dec Manchester Christmas Markets
Newcastle  16 Nov-16 Dec Newcastle
Norwich  7-23 Dec Norwich
Nottingham  15 Nov-31 Dec Winter Wonderland
Oxford  7-22 Dec Oxford City
23 Nov-16 Dec Blenheim Palace
Plymouth  29 Nov-16 Dec Plymouth
Portsmouth  10 Nov-24 Dec Portsmouth
Sheffield  15 Nov-24 Dec Sheffield Christmas Markets
Southampton  15 Nov-23 Dec Southampton Christmas Festival
Stoke 10 Nov-6 Jan Magical Wedgewood Christmas
Swansea  16 Nov-6 Jan Waterfront Winterland
Wimbledon  15 Nov-31 Dec Kingston Christmas Market