Photography focus

The Guardian once ran a feature headlined ‘Flat, Soulless and Stupid: Why Photographs don’t Work in Art Galleries’. A harsh judgement, you might agree. The writer was contrasting photographs with paintings – Rembrandt and Caravaggio were mentioned. But that isn’t how we look at photographs, is it? Now that we are all photographers, we’ll consider the work a photographer or curator has chosen to display and we’ll reflect: “I could do that (with time, budget, equipment, luck and perhaps a little more talent).” Nobody, surely, ever reacted to a Rembrandt with such bravado.

That’s why it’s always interesting to look at the work of proper photographers. If your team is playing in any of the following towns or cities in the near future, here are some options this autumn:

Tony Ray-Jones, Bradford, National Media & Science Museum, Northampton Town, Carlisle United, Swindon Town, Manchester City, Crawley Town, Port Vale, Exeter City, Rochdale, Newport County, Salford, Mansfield Town
A highlight of The National Science & Media Museum, Bradford: ‘Bacup Coconut Dancers’ by Tony Ray-Jones

Bradford The National Science & Media Museum makes Bradford one of the most interesting destinations on the photographer/football fan’s calendar. And there’s always the prospect of an away win. Elsewhere in the city, ‘Studio to Selfie: Portrait Photography’ is at the Bradford Industrial Museum to 3 Nov (during which time the visiting teams are Northampton, Carlisle, Swindon, Manchester City U21, Crawley, Port Vale, Exeter City).

Bristol The ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ exhibition runs from 23 Nov to 4 May. The number of teams visiting City or the Gas in that time would run to dozens.

Cardiff ‘Photography Season: August Sander, Bernd and Hilla Becher and Martin Parr’ 26 Oct-1 Mar. Half the Championship, plus perhaps FA Cup opponents – too many to list, in other words – are in Cardiff between those dates.

Charlton The National Maritime Museum hosts the ‘Astronomy Photographer of the Year’ exhibition from 13 Sep but omits to say when the run ends. See it while you can, Birmingham, Leeds, Swansea fans.

Horniman Museum, Crystal Palace, Jide Odukoya, Aston Villa, Wolves, Norwich City, Manchester City, Leicester City, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Brighton and West Ham United
Turn It UP: Jide Odukoya’s photographic series, at the Horniman Museum

Crystal Palace The Horniman is showing ‘Turn it UP: Jide Odukoya’s Nigeria’ show to 5 Jan. Villa, Wolves, Norwich, Manchester City, Leicester, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Brighton, West Ham are due at Selhurst Park before then.

Grimsby is a hotbed of photography exhibitions this autumn. ‘Grimbarians’ is on to 20 Oct (Scunthorpe, Crewe, Macclesfield, Mansfield, Orient) and the ‘Grimsby Photographic Society Annual Exhibition’ runs to 10 Nov (plus Cheltenham, Leicester City U21).

Hull ‘The Fisherwomen’ exhibition, to 27 Oct, encompasses visits by Wigan, Cardiff, Wednesday, QPR, Derby.

Leyton The walls of the Pie, Mash and Eel place on Leytonstone High Rd are adorned by the ‘London: Photography Exhibition’ to Mar 2020.

Luton ‘International Garden Photographer of the Year’ is at Stockwood Discovery Centre, 23 Sep-24 Nov (Leicester, Millwall, Bristol City, Forest, Leeds).

Newport ‘Newport Docks Photographic Exhibition’ runs to 23 Nov (West Ham U21, Port Vale, Exeter twice, Carlisle, Scunthorpe, Crawley, Salford, Oldham Athletic).

Northampton The delightful Abingdon Park hosts ‘Photos for all Seasons’ to 24 Nov, during which time Plymouth, Peterborough, Newport, Crawley, Orient, Salford, Cambridge, Crewe, Grimsby will visit the marginally less delightful PTS Academy Stadium.

Norwich The Cathedral hosts Norwich & District Photographic Society’s 103rd annual exhibition between 11-25 Sep; Manchester City are the visitors to Carrow Road on 14 Sep.

Preston, Lancashire Infantry Museum, Photography, British Army, Brentford, Manchester City, Bristol City, Barnsley, Leeds United, Blackburn Rovers
At the Lancashire Infantry Museum, Preston, to 2 Nov

Preston ‘Blood, Sweat & Celluloid: Photography in the British Army’ runs to 2 Nov at the Lancashire Infantry Museum. Brentford, Manchester City, Bristol City, Barnsley, Leeds, Blackburn are in town in that time.

Rochdale Followers of Manchester City U21, Lincoln! Don’t delay – ‘Nowrus/New Day’ closes on 21 Sep…

Southend … and it’s only Fleetwood fans who can still catch Leigh on Sea Camera Club’s annual exhibition before 17 Sep.

Tottenham Crystal Palace, Southampton are at Spurs while ‘A Small Plot of Land’ is on at Bruce Castle to 6 Oct.

Eadwearde Muybridge, Kingston Museum, Rasputin
Part of Kingston Museum’s tribute to “Kingstonian, dipthong enthusiast, Rasputin impersonator and photographic pioneer Eadwearde Muybridge”

Wimbledon No exhibitions in particular, but Kingston Museum is always worth a visit for the section devoted to Kingstonian, dipthong enthusiast, Rasputin impersonator and photographic pioneer Eadwearde Muybridge.

Food Festivals in September

Lincoln, Street Food, Oxford United
Lincoln: tasty treats for hungry Oxford United fans on 21 September

You’re in an unfamiliar town for an afternoon at the football. It’s lunchtime, more or less. You Googled the pubs before you set out, obviously, but how can it be anything other than a bonus to find a food festival in progress in the town?
Two food festivals, in the case of Sheffield on 28 September. Out at Ponds Forge there’s Cheese Fest inspired by Wallace & Gromit; meanwhile at the Students Union the Sheffield Vegan Festival will be in full swing. Liverpool are at Sheffield United that afternoon, in a 12.30 kick-off – that leaves time to indulge yourselves before and after, and if you overdo it you could tackle Photomarathon Sheffield that day as well.
Whether you’re an omnivore, a picky eater or an Asian gourmet, there’s likely to be something for you.

Manchester Food & Drink Festival, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Wolves
Manchester Food & Drink Festival: sustenance for locals and visitors, 26 Sep-7 Oct

Food & Drink Festivals
There are extensive food & drink festivals at Manchester (where the away teams are Arsenal at United on 30 Sep, Wolves at City 5 Oct); Newport (Carlisle 5 Oct); Tranmere (Gillingham 7 Sep); and with live music Wigan (Charlton 21 Sep). The Festival of Food at Oxford (Gillingham 28 Sep) looks like a more local, home-grown affair.
Milton Keynes (Wimbledon 7 Sep), Sheffield (Liverpool at Sheff Utd, 28 Sep), Lincoln (Sunderland 5 Oct)
Chicken Wings
Leyton (Swindon 7 Sep)
There are Korean Festivals at Preston (Bristol City 28 Sep) and Wimbledon (Shrewsbury 14 Sep). Food may not be the main focus.
Street Food
Lincoln (Oxford 21 Sep), Cheltenham (Stevenage 7 Sep)
Reading (Blackburn 21 Sep), Sheffield (Liverpool at Sheff Utd, 28 Sep)

Music Festivals in September

Carlisle United, Blues & Rock Festival, Oldham Athletic
Carlisle Blues & Rock Festival: make a long weekend of it

Music-lovers among the tribes of traveling football fans are in for treats around the country in September. And the treats are shared out, geographically and in musical styles, from baroque in Bristol to blues in Carlisle.
Here are some of the music festivals to look for:

Baroque at Bristol (where the away team on 21 Sep is Swansea at Bristol City) Early Music at Liverpool (Sheff Utd at Everton on 21 Sep)
Blues/Rock at Carlisle (Oldham on 28 Sep)
Classical on different scales at Leicester International Music Festival (Spurs on 21 Sep), Proms Swansea (Forest on 14 Sep), Royal Philharmonic Tranmere (Gillingham on 7 Sep) and Chamber Music at Hull (Cardiff on 28 Sep)
The British Country Festival is at Blackpool (MK Dons on 14 Sep)
Folk at Leeds (Derby on 21 Sep)
Gospel/Christian with Ignite at Salford (Forest Green on 28 Sep) and BayFest at Morecambe (Northampton on 28 Sep)
Jazz is on the menu in Liverpool (Wolves at Everton on 1 Sep) and Swansea (Stoke on 5 Oct)
Organ Liverpool (Newcastle at Liverpool on 14 Sep), Lincoln (Oxford on 21 Sep)
And if you fancy a Victorian Music Hall singalong, head for Leyton Orient (Swindon on 7 Sep)

Beverley Minster, Chamber Music Festival, Hull City, Cardiff City
Beverley Minster, just up the road from Hull, hosts the Chamber Music Festival

There are other live music events on various scales and catering to various tastes at:
Huddersfield (Millwall on 28 Sep), Plymouth (Cheltenham on 21 Sep), Portsmouth (Bolton* on 28 Sep), Reading (Blackburn on 21 Sep)

Motorhome memories

Lincoln, Motorhome Show, Oxford United

The city of Lincoln hosts the Motorhome Show Season Finale on 20-22 September. If you’re an Oxford United supporter with a motorhome, you could combine your passions. On some of the same roads on the same days, similar vehicles will be heading for Doncaster where there’s a VW Festival on 20-22 September. That will sort the posh out from the proles among the visiting Peterborough fans.

I only once went to a football match in anything that might pass muster at a Motorhome Show event. That was a VW Campervan. The vehicle made its own contribution to fuel efficiency by refusing to go faster than 50mph. Reverse gear was elusive, which made parking a challenge. We left Hertfordshire at 11.30am and failed to get to Tranmere Rovers in time for kick-off. But we were dilatory in setting off, lingered over lunch and may not have been 100% committed to Tranmere v Oldham, so I can’t lay all the blame on Volkswagen.

Tranmere Rovers, VW Campervan, Wirral, Oldham Athletic

Campervan veterans would have recognised us as naïve beginners. As we settled in at a Wirral campsite, we basked in the admiring attention our VW drew. But when the admirers returned to their Saturday evenings in palatial Xanadu-style encampments, or drove off to an award-winning restaurant in West Kirby, we faced a night in a confined space with no dinner. A fish & chip van visiting the camp-site partly rescued the situation.

Later, we walked down a lane to the water’s edge and watched the sun go down over an offshore wind-farm. As a recreation of the Hippy Trails blazed by the original generation of VW Campervan owners, this was barely satisfactory. But we were neither hippies nor stoned, and the VW at least was authentic.

If you travel around the country in a motorhome and you like the Towns of Two Halves idea that anywhere can be a tourist destination, you should take a look at Your RV Lifestyle‘s very thorough 100 Things to do in England. How many do you agree with? What d’you reckon they’ve missed?

Towns of Two Halves Awards for Traveling Supporters, August 2019

Mismatch of the Day is at Cheltenham on 24 Aug. Visiting Swindon Town fans can choose between a Brian Jones 50th Anniversary Walking Tour or the regular Ghost Tour.

The Coals to Newcastle award goes to Southend United, who make trips to Stevenage and Lincoln where urban beaches will compensate them for leaving their own perfectly good beach behind. Southend’s opening match is at Coventry, just 14 miles from another mock Copacabana at Solihull. And on 10 Aug Southend host… Blackpool.

The Knowledge is shared by Morecambe and Peterborough. Thanks to a quirk of the league fixture list and the Carabao Cup draw, Morecambe visit Mansfield twice in four days; Peterborough play at Oxford on the same pair of days. Click on the links to make the most of your visits.

Wigan Athletic Leeds United Wigan Food Festival
Wigan: Food Festival for hungry Leeds fans, or Wigan tapas for discerning diners

The Happy Eater award belongs by a nose to Leeds United. Their visit to Wigan coincides with a Food Festival; to Ipswich with an event called The Feast; and back home there’s Leeds Beer Week at the end of the month.

Weird Ride (previously the Ride the Wild Lightning award until the judges discovered what that expression meant) also goes to Leeds. Their trip to Bristol City on 4 Aug could include a detour to Bristol’s M Shed, where the chance to ride in an electric dockyard crane cabin is on offer.

Zen Men of the Month are Tranmere Rovers’ fans. They could attend a performance of Moby Dick on SS Great Britain in Bristol, an Aardman exhibition in the same city, an International Kite Festival at Portsmouth or their own One Wirral 2019 at home. Runner-up: Wycombe’s trip to Bristol Rovers coincides with the International Balloon Fiesta.

Drinking it all in

Traditionally, the match-day experience is incomplete without a visit to licensed premises. That can be before and after the match: there are some games you wouldn’t want to watch sober. But the licensed premises don’t have to be some low dive that doesn’t mind who it serves. There are highlights in all four divisions in August:

Leicester Gin Festival Bournemouth Gin Beer Prosecco
Leicester Gin Festival: more than 80 gins on offer, plus a beer and prosecco bar

Leeds Beer Week (where the visiting team is Swansea 31 Aug)
Leicester Gin Festival (Bournemouth 31 Aug)
Southend Beer Festival (Blackpool 10 Aug)
Stevenage Gin & Funk Festival (Exeter 10 Aug)

Film & TV

In the towns you’ll visit following your team, some of the goings-on will be particular to the town. In other words you might not get the chance anywhere else. That means, unfortunately, that you might not get tickets either – local people will tend to hear about the events first. But if you keep an eye on Towns of Two Halves, the website will be updated on a regular basis.
Here’s a sample of some of the film and TV-related events around the country in August. They may not exactly be once-in-a-lifetime things, but they’re not daily occurrences either.

Bradford City, Film Festival, Unesco, Preston North End, Oldham Athletic, Forest Green Rovers
Bradford Film Festival: 10th anniversary in the world’s first Unesco City of Film
Bradford Film Festival (where the visiting teams are PNE 13 Aug, Oldham 17 Aug, Forest Green 24 Aug)
Bristol Aardman: Early Man (Leeds 4 Aug, Wycombe 10 Aug, Cheltenham 13 Aug, QPR 17 Aug, Tranmere 20 Aug, Oxford 24 Aug, Middlesbrough 31 Aug)
Bristol FriendsFest (Oxford 24 Aug, Middlesbrough 31 Aug)
Chelsea Stanley Kubrick (Leicester 18 Aug, Sheff Utd 31 Aug)
Gillingham Call the Midwife location tours (Burton 10 Aug, Newport 13 Aug, Blackpool 20 Aug, Bolton 31 Aug)
Manchester FriendsFest (Chelsea 11 Aug, Spurs 17 Aug)
Sheffield Film & Comic Con (Barnsley 10 Aug)


Pride, Leicester, Bournemouth, King Power
Leicester Pride: on 31 Aug the parade through the city centre begins at noon, leading to a festival in Victoria Park. Bournemouth’s game at the King Power kicks off at 3pm

If you’re following your club to these towns and cities in August you might want to carry a rainbow flag as well as the team colours:

Doncaster (where Fleetwood are the visitors on 17 Aug)
Leicester (Bournemouth 31 Aug)
Manchester (Palace 24 Aug)
Milton Keynes (Shrewsbury 10 Aug)
Plymouth (Colchester 10 Aug)


When you’ve made a long journey only to see your team beaten, it can be hard to regard the day as time well spent. But if the fixture list takes you to the following places this month, there’s a chance to make the trip more worthwhile:

ReWild Our Planet, We the Curious, Bristol, Leeds United, Wycombe Wanderers, Cheltenham Town, QPR, Tranmere Rovers, Oxford United, Middlesbrough
ReWild our Planet, at Bristol’s We the Curious, until 31 August

Bradford Our Plastic Ocean (may be of interest to travelling Cambridge United fans on 3 Aug, PNE 13 Aug, Oldham 17 Aug, Forest Green 24 Aug)
Brentford Festival for the Environment (Hull City 17 Aug)
Bristol Insect Festival (QPR 17 Aug)
Bristol ReWild our Planet (Leeds 4 Aug, Wycombe 10 Aug, Cheltenham 13 Aug, QPR 17 Aug, Tranmere 20 Aug, Oxford 24 Aug, Middlesbrough 31 Aug)
Bristol Summer Holidays: Climate Action (Leeds 4 Aug, QPR 17 Aug, Middlesbrough 31 Aug)
Leeds War on Waste (Forest 10 Aug, Brentford 21 Aug, Swansea 31 Aug)
Middlesbrough Fragile Earth (Brentford 10 Aug, Wigan 20 Aug, Millwall 24 Aug)

This is a sample of what you’ll find to do (apart from watch the match) when you follow your team around the country. Check out all the destinations at Towns.

Kids’ Treats (2)

How better to bond with your kids than to treat them to an away game with all the trimmings?
The question then becomes… what trimmings? Wagamama for lunch? Something from Wilko in case the action doesn’t hold their attention? You can do that, of course, but you can do better.
How much better? That will depend on their ages, interests and on where you’re going. Here are some possibilities for before and after the match. Try not to let that become ‘instead of the match’:

The Circus is in town at
Grimsby (where the away teams are Bradford 10 Aug, Doncaster 13 Aug)
Lincoln (Southend 17 Aug)

Dinosaurs will be roaming
Lincoln (Accrington 3 Aug, Southend 17 Aug, Fleetwood 31 Aug)
Newcastle (Arsenal 11 Aug, Watford 31 Aug)

Derby Museum & Art Gallery, Lego, dinosaurs, Swansea City, Bristol City, WBA
Two for the price of one in Derby – dinosaurs and Lego in the Brick History show at the Museum & Art Gallery

You can’t fail with Lego
Cheltenham (Scunthorpe 10 Aug)
Crystal Palace (Everton 10 Aug, Villa 31 Aug)
Derby (Swansea 10 Aug, Bristol City 20 Aug, WBA 24 Aug)
Newcastle (Arsenal 11 Aug, Watford 31 Aug)

Sealife Blackpool, pirates, Bristol Rovers, Macclesfield Town, Oxford United, Portsmouth
Shiver me timbers… pirate gold at Sealife Blackpool

Pirates (and pieces of eight)
Blackpool (Bristol Rovers 3 Aug, Macclesfield 13 Aug, Oxford 17 Aug, Portsmouth 31 Aug)
Gillingham (Burton 10 Aug, Newport 13 Aug, Blackpool 20 Aug, Bolton 31 Aug)
Portsmouth (Birmingham 6 Aug, Tranmere 10 Aug, Coventry 20 Aug, Rotherham 24 Aug)
Swansea (Hull 3 Aug)

Newcastle, Discovery, Bubbles, Arsenal
Be baffled by a Bubbleologist at Newcastle Discovery Museum

Also Board Games at Oxford (Peterborough 13 Aug)
Bubbles at Newcastle (Arsenal 11 Aug)
Mermaid Dives at Brighton (Southampton 24 Aug)