Food Festivals in September

Lincoln, Street Food, Oxford United
Lincoln: tasty treats for hungry Oxford United fans on 21 September

You’re in an unfamiliar town for an afternoon at the football. It’s lunchtime, more or less. You Googled the pubs before you set out, obviously, but how can it be anything other than a bonus to find a food festival in progress in the town?
Two food festivals, in the case of Sheffield on 28 September. Out at Ponds Forge there’s Cheese Fest inspired by Wallace & Gromit; meanwhile at the Students Union the Sheffield Vegan Festival will be in full swing. Liverpool are at Sheffield United that afternoon, in a 12.30 kick-off – that leaves time to indulge yourselves before and after, and if you overdo it you could tackle Photomarathon Sheffield that day as well.
Whether you’re an omnivore, a picky eater or an Asian gourmet, there’s likely to be something for you.

Manchester Food & Drink Festival, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Wolves
Manchester Food & Drink Festival: sustenance for locals and visitors, 26 Sep-7 Oct

Food & Drink Festivals
There are extensive food & drink festivals at Manchester (where the away teams are Arsenal at United on 30 Sep, Wolves at City 5 Oct); Newport (Carlisle 5 Oct); Tranmere (Gillingham 7 Sep); and with live music Wigan (Charlton 21 Sep). The Festival of Food at Oxford (Gillingham 28 Sep) looks like a more local, home-grown affair.
Milton Keynes (Wimbledon 7 Sep), Sheffield (Liverpool at Sheff Utd, 28 Sep), Lincoln (Sunderland 5 Oct)
Chicken Wings
Leyton (Swindon 7 Sep)
There are Korean Festivals at Preston (Bristol City 28 Sep) and Wimbledon (Shrewsbury 14 Sep). Food may not be the main focus.
Street Food
Lincoln (Oxford 21 Sep), Cheltenham (Stevenage 7 Sep)
Reading (Blackburn 21 Sep), Sheffield (Liverpool at Sheff Utd, 28 Sep)