There must be a crossover between gaming enthusiasts and football fans. Apart from anything else, footballers clearly love gaming. So if you like to swap the screen for the stadium occasionally, here are the towns and cities with something extra for you this August:

Barnsley Cooper Gallery Kapow! Fulham Charlton Luton
Kapow! Comic Book Art at the Cooper Gallery in Barnsley

Liverpool SunnyCon Anime Expo on 10/11 Aug (where away fans from Norwich 9 Aug might still be in town)

Barnsley Comic Book Art (Fulham 3 Aug, Charlton 17 Aug, Luton 24 Aug); and at Shrewsbury (Portsmouth 3 Aug, Rotherham 13 Aug, Rochdale 17 Aug, Burton 24 Aug)

Manchester Power Up (Chelsea 11 Aug, Spurs 17 Aug, Palace 24 Aug, Brighton 31 Aug) and Salford (Stevenage 3 Aug, Leeds 13 Aug, Port Vale 17 Aug, Orient 31 Aug)

Carlisle MegaCon (Mansfield 17 Aug)

This is a sample of what you’ll find to do (apart from watch the match) when you follow your team around the country. Check out all the destinations at Towns.