About Towns of Two Halves


The project started as a book. When I was about a dozen grounds away from having visited all 92, the proportion of my life I’d spent watching low-grade football began to bother me. By finding other reasons to visit the town my team happened to be playing in, the time might be regarded as well spent.


The result, I hope, is a guide to what you might find to do (apart from watch a football match) in the 92 places in England and Wales that have league football teams. The original book is now over a year old, but I’ve tried to keep it up to date here.

How Much?

£8 for the paperback; £3.49 the e-book.


David Guest: I’ve been a journalist for over 35 years, working for most of that time as a freelance writer and editor in areas of the media as diverse as IT and local publishing. I was born in Lancashire.