A Pressure of the Hand

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“It would be an insecure storyteller who began his tale with a story borrowed from someone else. Over to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, then…”

So begins David Guest’s debut novel, A Pressure of the Hand. It’s a tale of first love recalled largely through letters exchanged forty-odd years earlier.
The letters were written by Grace, a 17-year-old placed in an impossible position by the demands on her from family, school and her beloved. The lovesick recipient of her letters puts her on the highest of pedestals, proposing Grace as the high-point of human evolution. “Fossil remains found in East Africa in 1974 are known for the sake of simplicity as Lucy, now commonly regarded as the Mother of the Human Race. Lucy is the first of a pair of bookends, and eventually another individual will match her at the other end of the shelf.”

A Pressure of the Hand
Paperback, £7, ISBN 978-0-9956787-0-5
Also available in e-book form, £3.29, ISBN 978-0-9956787-1-2