Burton, Burton on Trent, National Brewery Centre

What to see
You’ll find accounts of Burton’s tourist appeal in Towns of Two Halves (and of 91 other places: order the book now for £8 from info@townsof2halves.co.uk).
Links to Burton attractions include:

Branston Water Park
National Brewery Centre
National Forest Adventure Farm
Stapenhill Gardens

‘The skyline throughout the town is distinguished by brewery architecture’
St Modwen: ‘When she died, aged 130, near Dundee, silver swans accompanied her soul to heaven’
‘There are spectacular models: most exceptionally, of Burton in the early 20th century, a vast and beautiful model that occupies most of a large room’

Towns of Two Halves extracts:
“Through the north-west corner of the football ground, three brewery storage tanks are visible. As the sun sets it gives them a copper sheen; it playfully repeats this trick of the light later on the base of the clouds. Perhaps through the power of suggestion, there’s a distinctive smell on the air too.”
“The approach to Burton on the A444 is one in the eye for anyone who regards the New World habit of driving great distances at the drop of a hat as anything other than ridiculous. Of course they will drive long distances – there’s nothing to stop for in between. In this country, we have compelling distractions every couple of hundred yards.”
“The exhibit explaining the chemistry of brewing is dominated by a mannequin that looks spookily like TS Eliot. As you approach, a motion censor sparks it into a fitful motion. The poet/biochemist, test-tube in hand, shudders fractionally before stopping, as though exhausted. Perhaps he is; after all, he has been dead 50 years or more.”
These are taken from the Burton chapter of Towns of Two Halves, published in 2018. To buy a copy, email info@townsof2halves.co.uk.