Derby, Derby Cathedral, Derby Cathedral Quarter

What to See
You’ll find accounts of Derby’s tourist attractions with additional information on shopping, eating out etc at Derby Live and Visit Derby. Links to particular Derby attractions include:

Calke Abbey
Council House Tours
Derby Arboretum
Derby Cathedral
Derby Museum & Art Gallery
Joseph Wright of Derby
Museum of Making
Royal Crown Derby Visitor Centre
Pickford’s House

At the Royal Crown Derby Visitor… there’s never any doubt what you’re looking at, whether it’s pottery, process, royal visitors or retail’

Towns of Two Halves extracts:
● “Derby was as far south as Bonnie Prince Charlie reached in 1745. In a reproduction of the drawing room at Exeter House, the ill-fated prince considers his options and a recording enables him to think aloud.”
● “Is it a bit of pose for Derby to have a Cathedral Quarter? Perhaps, and especially since it has only St Peter’s Quarter to balance it. The other two quarters (eighths, actually, if the area within the ring road is intended) are not named.”
● “[Royal Crown Derby’s] Zeppelin mark: one night in 1916, the kilns were fired up and loaded and an air-raid caused the entire shift to take cover. When they emerged no-one was sure what state the contents of the kiln would be in – perfect, as it happened.”
These are taken from the Derby chapter of Towns of Two Halves, published in 2018. To buy a copy, email