‘Exeter Cathedral: one of the great cathedrals of England, and one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture anywhere’

Events coinciding with home games in January
25 Chinese Dragon Puppet-making
8 (& home dates except 10 Apr) Cathedral Roof Tour
8 Banff 2020 Mountain Films

‘The House that Moved (left) and the Clock that Performs (on church tower)’

to 26 Jan Sea Garden
to 9 Feb Printmaking Jo Crook’s Seaweed
to 22 Feb Woven Works Tree of Life
to 15 Mar Exeter’s Fine Art Collection
to 3 May Collections Brian Rice
8 Feb (to 31 May) Fabrics Devon Lacemakers
11 Feb (to 17 May) Photography John Paul Evans

What to See
You’ll find accounts of Exeter’s tourist attractions in Towns of Two Halves (and of 91 other places: order the book now for £8 from info@townsof2halves.co.uk). For additional information plus shopping, eating out etc there’s Visit Exeter. Links to local points of interest include:

Bicton Park Botanical Gardens
Custom House Visitor Centre
Exeter Castle
Exeter Cathedral
Exeter Trails
Royal Albert Memorial Museum
The House That Moved
Underground Passages