Forest Green

Forest Green (Nailsworth)

‘‘Short and Bright lives’ could be a dove, or hands releasing a dove, or petals’

Events coinciding with home games in December
7 Cotswold Canal Trust Santa Cruises
7 Atlantic Games Open Day
29 Sunday Stroud Canal Walk

to 9 Dec Slimbridge Gallery Exhibition
to 22 Dec The Mystery Wooden Box
to 22 Dec All Together Now: Tales of Unity
11 Dec (to 9 Mar 2020) Slimbridge Winter Show

‘Nailsworth clings tidily to the hillsides above and around the confluence of two small rivers or streams’

What to see
The Cotswolds are the chief local tourist attraction in the vicinity of Nailsworth, but Towns of Two Halves explores it along with 91 other places: order the book now for £8 from For additional information try Visit The Cotswolds or just Visit Cotswolds. Other useful local links include:

Mills Walks
Museum in the Park (Stroud)
Slimbridge Wetland Centre