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What to see
You’ll find accounts of Hull’s tourist potential in Towns of Two Halves (and of 91 other places: order the book now for £8 from For additional information plus shopping, eating out etc there’s Visit Hull and Visit Hull & East Yorkshire. Links to Hull attractions include:

Ferens Gallery
Holy Trinity Church
Hull & East Riding Museum
Hull Heritage Walks
Hull People’s Memorial Exhibition Centre
Maritime Museum
Streetlife Museum
The Deep
Wilberforce Museum

‘Hull’s public conveniences… look as if the Tsar is expected at any moment’

Towns of Two Halves extracts:
“The [European City of Culture 2017] events will have moved on, but the city and most of its people will still be there. The railway station will still be called Hull Paragon. Hull will still be the home of the boiled sweet. And its public conveniences will still look as if the Tsar is expected at any moment.”
“You could go there any time and enjoy… the Museum Quarter, the waterfront, the Ferens Gallery and, projecting out on to the River Humber like an unexploded cod, the Deep, a remarkable collection of aquatic environments.”
“I duly tackled the [ticket] machine (or, at least, one of the two of four that were working). Eventually it yielded a flimsy scrap of paper with printing on it, which looked no more impressive than a receipt for a coffee in Starbucks. The man at the next machine had reached a similar stage in the transaction. ’Is that it?‘ he asked me, incredulous.
’Yes,‘ I said, ’I think it must be. The machine has finished its cycle, anyway, and I expect that barcode is the critical thing.‘
He looked unconvinced. ’No wonder nobody comes,’ he said.”
These are taken from the Hull chapter of Towns of Two Halves, published in 2018. To buy a copy, email