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What to see
You’ll find accounts of Lincoln’s tourist attractions, information, shopping, eating out etc at Visit Lincoln.
Links to the city’s attractions include:

‘The tank at the Museum of Lincolnshire Life is appropriately mud-coloured and is called Daphne’

Bishops Palace
Brayford Pool
Collection Museum
Harding House Gallery
Lincoln Arboretum
Lincoln Castle
Lincoln Cathedral
Lincoln Guildhall
Museum of Lincolnshire Life

to 10 May Installation Annabel McCourt
to 17 May History Wampum: Stories from Shells

Lincoln Cathedral, stained glass, Forest Stations, William Fairbank
‘The low winter sun streams in through the windows of the south transept and projects stained-glass colours on to the opposite wall of the nave. Grey masonry becomes lilac, pink, and cowslip yellow. Austere waves of moulding gain crisply contrasting lines and deep shadows.’

Towns of Two Halves extracts:
“It’s not quite the Aurora Borealis, but something magical happens in Lincoln Cathedral on a bright, sharp December afternoon.”
“The Lincoln engineering firm of William Foster & Co was responsible for the first military tanks. The early machines were referred to obliquely in terms that might conceal their purpose. The Lincoln prototypes were called ‘water carriers’ supposedly destined for service in Mesopotamia; workers referred to them as ‘water tanks’ and, later, simply ‘tanks’.”
“On a warmer day in Lincoln, you might head for the Brayford Pool area in the lower part of town, or Lincoln Arboretum, a short distance east of the city centre. Or you might just wander around, enjoying the feel of the place”
These are taken from the Lincoln chapter of Towns of Two Halves, published in 2018. To buy a copy, email