Macclesfield, Paradise Mill, silk industry, Silm Museum

What to see
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Links to local attractions include:

Gawsworth Hall
Macclesfield Brick Project
Old Sunday School
Paradise Mill
Silk Museum
Tegg’s Nose Country Park
West Park Museum

Macclesfield Brick Project, Macclesfield
“The Brick Project: individually decorated bricks brighten up an underpass”

Towns of Two Halves extracts:
“The Old Sunday School is a surprisingly amusing place. There isn’t much about Sunday school but plenty about Macclesfield. The basement takes you into another world, where pious women were bricked up in cells and the More Useful Knowledge Society tried to strike a blow for reason.”
“One of them was going to have some explaining to do if he went back. If, on the other hand, they did not return, it would be assumed that bears had eaten them and all would be well. Some of the more superstitious villagers would go to the edge of the woods and perform a small ceremony to placate the bears, of which there were none.”
“Perhaps he was inspired by one of the odd feats of endurance people embarked upon in those days. One Macclesfield man walked to London in just under 50 days, and another walked backwards to Buxton, twice.”
These are taken from the Macclesfield chapter of Towns of Two Halves, published in 2018. To buy a copy, email