Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes, Bletchley Park, Alan Turing, Enigma, Dons

What to see
You’ll find accounts of Milton Keynes’ tourist attractions, shopping, eating out etc at Destination Milton Keynes and MK FM.
Links to Milton Keynes attractions include:

Bletchley Park
Caldecotte Lake
Gulliver’s Land
Milton Keynes Museum
MK Gallery
National Museum of Computing
National Radio Centre

Bletchley Park, Alan Turing, Benedict Cumberbatch, The Imitation Game
A space ‘occupied by Benedict Cumberbatch quite recently’

Towns of Two Halves extracts:
“The Dons fetched up in Milton Keynes in 2004. In 2007 the club moved again… The closest railway station to its Stadium:mk home is Bletchley. As the name of a football club, Bletchley Park would have had something of a ring to it, or even better the studious-sounding Bletchley Park Dons.”
“It’s odd, though, isn’t it? When you could be standing in the very space occupied by Turing having a brainwave 70-odd years ago, you choose instead to look at a space similar to the one occupied by Benedict Cumberbatch quite recently.”
“The journey from Bletchley Park to Stadium:mk was baffling in the daylight and almost impossible after dark. I attempted it on foot; on the map it looked hardly any distance at all. I negotiated roundabouts, bus stands, underpasses, dual carriageways and vast expanses of superstore car-parks. Eventually, when the stadium loomed on the northwestern horizon, it was possible to head confidently towards it. Before that point navigation had been a question of faith.”
These are taken from the Milton Keynes chapter of Towns of Two Halves, published in 2018. To buy a copy, email