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Alexandra Park
Daisy Nook Country Park
Gallery Oldham
Saddleworth Museum & Gallery
The Weavers Factory

to 31 May Photography Syd Shelton: Rock Against Racism

“What isn’t widely known about Jack Sprat is that he was an Oldham Athletic fan”

Towns of Two Halves extracts:
“What isn’t widely known about Jack Sprat is that he was an Oldham Athletic fan. This detail of the famously fastidious Sprat’s private life came to light in the 1989/90 season. Oldham, then a Second Division team of such long standing that they might have served as a definition of second-class, suddenly emerged on to the national stage.”
“Mrs Sprat, if she took any interest in football at all, would have moved between Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal in the years to 1990. Her subsequent leanings, it must be suspected, would be to the Manchester clubs. The uneasy coexistence in the Sprat household thus represents a truth about football in general. The fat get fatter and the lean get relegated.”
“It must be an empty kind of relationship that demands trophies to satisfy the fans. A kind of panic must attend a season without trophies. Eventually, clubs who do not win trophies must be left as the keepers of the spirit of the game. For them, whether they like it or not, football is just a game.”
These are taken from the Oldham chapter of Towns of Two Halves, published in 2018. To buy a copy, email info@townsof2halves.co.uk.