What to see
You’ll find accounts of Sheffield’s tourist attractions and additional information plus shopping, eating out etc at Welcome to Sheffield and Creative Tourist.

‘Visit the museums and galleries by all means – the steel industry at Kelham Island, the city at Weston Park – but don’t miss the boats on the lake of Crookes Valley Park on the way’

Other Sheffield links:
Canal Trails
Crookes Valley Park
Five Weirs Walk
Graves Gallery
Kelham Island Museum
Millennium Gallery
National Emergency Services Museum
National Videogame Museum
Sheffield Botanical Gardens
Sheffield Cathedral
Site Gallery
Weston Park
Winter Garden

Sheffield, Sheffield University, Arts Tower, paternoster lift, elevator
The paternoster lift in Sheffield University’s Arts Tower: watch your step

Towns of Two Halves extracts:
“Sheffield, like any city built upon hills, stops counting at seven.”
“It’s no accident that Sheffield United are known as the Blades, and to their detractors as the Blunts”
“In football, a ‘sleeping giant’ is the cliché applied to clubs that, were they not confined by incompetence to the lower leagues, would surely attract larger attendances to top-flight matches than do the likes of, say, Bournemouth or Watford. It is a versatile, multi-purpose designation that patronises two sets of clubs at once.”
These are taken from the Sheffield chapter of Towns of Two Halves, published in 2018. To buy a copy, email