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What to See
You’ll find accounts of Stevenage’s tourist attractions and additional information plus shopping, eating out etc at Stevenage Town Centre and Stevenage Borough Council.
Links to local attractions include:

Fairlands Valley Park
Knebworth House
Stevenage Museum

Stevenage, publlic art, Joyride, Franta Belsky, Knossos
“A mother and precariously balanced child, this is called Joyride, by Czech sculptor Franta Belsky”

Towns of Two Halves extracts:
“Around the square the buildings have those multi-purpose frontages that in the 1960s might have meant offices, polytechnics or carefully-disguised carparks. You can imagine officers of the Stasi beavering away at their work of repression behind the dark ranks of windows.”
“Stevenage New Town is more or less what you would expect: concrete in profusion, sharp angles, overconfident lines, ambitious statuary and a church that looks like a swimming baths with a fire station’s lookout tower attached.”
“Also worth a look in Stevenage is the frieze celebrating the town’s notable sportsmen and women. Ashley Young of Manchester United and England but born in Stevenage, cut the metaphorical ribbon in November 2014. Young, Lewis Hamilton and Ian Poulter feature on the last panel to be completed.”
These are taken from the Stevenage chapter of Towns of Two Halves, published in 2018. To buy a copy, email