Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent, The Potteries, Gladstone Pottery Museum

What to see
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‘Sir Stanley Matthews has two statues locally: the one outside Stoke City football ground is more ambitious artistically, portraying the man in three phases of leaving a full-back on the seat of his pants’
Spode Works, Biennial, ceramics, art
Biennial at the Spode: ‘The notes alongside their exhibits strayed reliably into Pseuds’ Corner’

Links to Stoke attractions include:
Arnold Bennett Locations
Caldon Canal
Emma Bridgewater Factory
Etruria Museum
Spode Museum
Stoke Minster
Wedgwood Museum

Towns of Two Halves extracts:
“Book on football towns says some ‘angry’ Stoke City fans should ‘grow up'” Stoke Sentinel, 10 July 2018
“The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery is up the hill in Hanley. There are plenty of buses, of course, but a walk will take you through Hanley Park. This is a fine, old-fashioned English park, with a lake, a bandstand, a pavilion, play areas and sports fields and, bringing the Industrial Revolution to the party, the Caldon Canal [which] runs the 18 miles from Stoke to Stafford”
“The men for whom the treasures of the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery were made would stop at nothing to avoid paying their workers. They deducted money for breakages or other imperfections, they laid off youths as soon as their apprenticeships were served, they employed women and, with the connivance of men, paid them less. Above all they obliged their people to work in such dire conditions – temperature, dust, toxins, burdens – that they were not long a drain on the payroll.”
These are taken from the Stoke chapter of Towns of Two Halves, published in 2018. To buy a copy, email