Events coinciding with home games in December
11 Orrell Lights Switch-On
14 (& 11, 25 Jan 2020) The Fire Within
14 The Frost Festival
14 Christmas Choir Festival
14 Festive Brass in the Courtyard

“Through a gap between the stands at a corner of the stadium, a distant red brick industrial skyline with rooftops and a chimney caught the declining sun. The rosy glow very briefly suggested Tuscany with town-houses and a campanile”

What to see
You’ll find accounts of Wigan’s tourist attractions in Towns of Two Halves (and of 91 other places: order the book now for £8 from info@townsof2halves.co.uk). For additional information plus shopping, eating out etc there’s Wigan Events Guide or Wigan World. Links to Wigan points of interest include:

Face of Wigan
Haigh Woodland Park
Leeds-Liverpool Canal
Mab’s Cross
Mesnes Park
Museum of Wigan Life
Trencherfield Mill
Wigan Pier

“Mesnes Park: an attractive corner of the town”